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Hi, wow, it's been half a year since anyone posted here, eh?
Hope everyone is having a fabulous Summer holiday/Winter break! \o/

We're still alive, I think. I don't know about the other guys, if they're still into iconing or even going to be active on LJ again, but I'll hopefully have something out before the end of January :B

why, hello there.

Okay, so. This is your friendly First♥Love moderator, and I've been falling all over the place with creativity and no where to put it. >_> I've been searching but really, I haven't been reading much of the [appropriate] manga so I don't even know where to start~

I ask all of you wonderful watchers and just people who've been too lazy to press the watch button (I know you're in there~), what would you like to see from me?

I've got Ponyo (yay~) and Kimi ni Todoke (double yay~) but besides that, I'm out. /shot

Don't be shy~ this is your time to make a suggestion (you all probably forgot what my icons look like, huh? ;___; thank you, annie, I love your heart!). So, darling watchers, help me out! 8D

Comment with a series, just any series you like, and it may pop up in this batch (or future batches!). Simple as that. :) Thanks to all who comment, it's really a big help! :]

Your First Love mod
Meika ♥
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